Hospital Disinfection Robot: Get Rid Of Germs In An Instant

Cleanliness is of paradigm importance in healthcare vicinities. Germs are common in such places. Every kind of patient comes to these vicinities. The air, as well as different surfaces, has a large bunch of microorganisms. Therefore, people are more prone to viral or bacterial infection in such areas. The only way to maintain cleanliness in these areas is through thorough disinfection of the entire vicinity.

In the old days, manual disinfection was the only way to process cleaning. It takes not only sufficient time but also consumes extra costs. You may also encounter danger because of coming into contact with the disinfectant. Therefore, we will represent a solution in front of you: a hospital disinfection robot. It not only helps you save a lot of costs but also time. It is a robot that uses automatic technology to disinfect any area you want. This robot does these tasks on its own.

Features of Hospital Disinfection Robot

Several features contribute to the popularity of this incredible device. We will discuss each feature one by one below.

3600 Disinfection

The cover angle of the hospital disinfection robot is very wide. It leaves not a single place with germs. You can enjoy complete peace of mind when disinfecting. Even the dead ends, which it is often hard to reach manually. This automatic robot does the task in the same instant. The application of this robot when it comes to places is highly uniform and even. Hospitals like vicinities need a very high level of disinfection, even in the hidden corners. This hospital disinfection robot can meet the needs.

Large Capacity

You don’t need to worry about running out of disinfectant while on duty. The extra disinfectant storage will allow you to keep going. It features around 16 liters of disinfectant storage. This ensures that you can perform disinfection on time and with great effectiveness. You don’t need to fill in the disinfectant again and again. The hospital disinfection robot only consumes up to 3 liters per hour, which allow you the continuous 5 to 6-hour operation.

Low Water Indicator

When the quantity of disinfectant within your disinfection robot tank decreases. Or gets below the normal level. The indicator light turns red. This indicates you need to refill the hospital disinfection robot. Doing this also prevents you from opening the tank and checking every time how much disinfectant or water is left. You also don’t need to remember how much time you have used it. Having a disinfectant robot, you can perform cleanliness on the go.

Automatic Charging

Whenever the battery gets low, it automatically returns to the charging station. You need to turn on the charging unit. Doing so will not consume extra electricity. Only when the charging processes, it consumes extra electricity. This is one of the remarkable features. You don’t need to take it manually to the charge station. It automatically senses the charging station position. You can also carry out scheduled disinfection tasks this way.